Leadership in education-based child care

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Leadership in education-based child care

Business Hours

5:30am - 8:00pm Monday - Friday



Dear Preschool and PRE-K Parents,


We are excited to partner with you in your child’s journey of discovering the joy of learning. We take our role in your child’s development very seriously, but we also love to make learning FUN! Thank you for allowing us to play an integral role in your child's education. We are embarking on a wonderful, exciting journey together.

Tickle Me Pink Daycare & Learning Center is a State licensed Child Care Learning Center (CCLC) and a member of the Georgia Association for Young Children (GAYC). We are a 2-Star Quality Rated Center. Our goal is to use and refine the established best practices recognized by the state of Georgia and national organizations to improve our educational processes. This handbook will help familiarize you with our policies and procedures, as well as our prekindergarten vision. We hope you find this information helpful and will use it as a reference throughout the school year.

When children begin prekindergarten, there is a period of adjustment - which will be different for each child. We will lovingly guide your child through the school day while working to gain trust and respect. When children see that they are loved and respected, they are able to grow to trust their teachers. As they see our confidence in their abilities, they will gain confidence in themselves. Our primary mission is to prepare our children for kindergarten - academically, as well as socially - in a nurturing environment.

We believe learning should be fun and that children learn best through a hands-on experiential discovery process. In addition to core concepts and character education, students will learn through age-appropriate hands-on experiential scientific processes, language enrichment classes, centers, circle time, computer lab, play-with-a purpose, music, free play, and field trips. When children are physically and mentally engaged, they absorb and retain information, and enjoy the learning process. We’ll work together with your child (and you) to make learning fun. This is what our Preschool and GA PRE-K is all about.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and your child during these formative years. We look forward to a rewarding time together.


Dr. Pamela R Carter, Director/owner

Aug. 3  

Open House (5:00p.m.) 

Aug. 6 

First Day of School! Hours: 8:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m.)

Aug. 16 

Parent’s Meeting

Sep 3

Labor Day Holiday (No School)

Sep 6

Grandparent’s Breakfast

Sep 13

Parent’s Workshop/Conference Night (1st Progress Report)

Sept. 16-21

Spirit Week (Winnersville Classic)

Oct. 5th  

Student Holiday/Teacher’s Planning Day (No School) 

Oct. 20th  

Trunk or Treat/Literacy Night  

Nov. 19-23

Thanksgiving Holiday

Dec 20

Christmas Program

Dec 21

Early Release (12 Noon)

Dec 24 - Jan 2

Christmas / New Year Holiday Break

(No School)

Jan 3 - 4

Teachers Work Day

(No School)

Jan 21

MLK Holiday Observed

(No School)

Feb 14

Sweet Treats With Mom & GG's

Feb 15    

Teachers Work Day

(No School)

Feb 18    

Winter Break  

April 1 - 5

Spring Break

May 17

Last Day of School


  • All Classes begin at 8:00a.m. and end at 2:30 p.m.

  • Students must be picked up no later than 2:30pm

  • Preschool must be picked up no later than 4:00p.m.

  • Late charges will commence after 2:30 p.m for Pre-K and Kindergarten and 4 pm for Preschool unless the student state-approved for the Afterschool Enrichment.

  • The Afterschool Enrichment fee structure for all students is $140/month ($35/week) for aftercare 5 days a week. Monthly tuition can be paid ½ on the 1st and ½ on the 15th of the month. Otherwise, full tuition payment is due on the 1st. The registration fee of $30 is due along with the first payment.


Early Learning Programs at Tickle Me Pink (TMP) 

All classes that are apart of our Early Learning Center, are open to children and families of all races, faiths, and nationalities.

We offer an inspiring educational prekindergarten program based on a state-approved, developmentally appropriate curriculum supplemented with additional STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) curriculum and character education curriculum.

Our Teaching Team embraces a partnership with each family to develop every child’s distinct abilities.


Early Learning Programs at Tickle Me Pink (TMP) Introduction 

All classes that are apart of our Early Learning Center, are open to children and families of all races, faiths, and nationalities.

We offer an inspiring educational prekindergarten program based on a state-approved, developmentally appropriate curriculum supplemented with additional STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) curriculum and character education curriculum.

Our Teaching Team embraces a partnership with each family to develop every child’s distinct abilities.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate, encourage, enrich, and empower every student through “hands-on” experiential learning opportunities in a nurturing environment.

Vision Statement

The Early Learning Center at TMP aspires to instill in every child a life-long love for learning and strong ethical character traits. We work with our students academically and socially to help prepare them for the next step of their educational journey.

We are dedicated to:

  • Helping children develop a positive self-image and respect for others
  • Cultivating a love for learning in each child through experiential activities
  • Providing a safe, engaging, welcoming environment with a wide variety of hands-on learning opportunities (indoors and outdoors) that challenge students in new ways
  • Promoting age-appropriate creative and critical thinking skills, as well as socialization
  • Guiding children in ways to meet behavioral and social expectations, as well as learning to take responsibility for their actions
  • Improving students’ gross motor skills, balance, and coordination through physical activity
  • Building fine motor skills to develop dexterity for future academic applications
  • Fostering an appreciation for music and art
  • “Standing in the gap” for parents while the students are in our care

Facility Information

The GA PRE-K Program takes place within the boundaries of TMP’s learning facility. A Bright from the Start Quality Rated Learning Center. TMP has been providing quality care and teaching children in the Lowndes County community for over 20 years.   

Tickle Me Pink Daycare:

  • Maintains a unique, safe space that encourages individual personal development and awareness of others;
  • Retains loving, capable, credentialed, experienced teachers;
  • Helps guide students in the art of making friends and learning to respect the rights of others;
  • Provides an educational environment where exploration and discovery is encouraged;
  • Believes in teacher-directed, as well as child-initiated education. When children are engaged, we have the opportunity to further explore a concept through investigation of children’s questions.
  • Coaches children on how they can meet behavior expectations;
  • Encourages students to develop their unique identity as individuals;
  • Fosters healthy relationships with other students and the development of appropriate social interactions with peers through cooperative play practice;
  • Offers students the opportunity to have a “voice and a choice”, helping to develop early decision-making skills.


Our Teaching Team consists of highly trained, qualified teachers who maintain professional standards by attending workshops, seminars, and conferences throughout the year. Our Lead Teachers hold a State of Georgia Teaching Certificate and all Teacher Assistants holds a CDA Certification or are enrolled in a State approved program. Team meetings and planning sessions are conducted to promote best practices, cutting-edge age-appropriate educational developments, idea sharing, curriculum assessment, and consistency throughout the program. All members of the Teaching Team are trained in CPR and First Aid. The Teaching Team has a depth of experience and each teacher brings unique talents to the classroom. A deep commitment to children, education, and character development is evidenced daily as our Teaching Team creates an atmosphere where students grow and flourish.


In the case of an absent Teacher, TMP maintains a list of qualified Substitute Teachers. Before teaching for the GA PRE-K Program, substitutes are required to attend a training orientation and must familiarize themselves with the GA PRE-K Program Policies and Procedures. To provide continuity of care to our preschoolers, a regular staff member or an adult authorized by the Director and known by the students will be in class with a substitute at all times. All substitutes must submit a satisfactory background check. Upon meeting required prerequisites, substitutes are added to the approved list.

If you are interested in being placed on the substitute teacher list, please contact administrative offices. Substitute hours are 7:40 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

Morning Sign-in & Dismissal Procedures

Morning sign-in for the Early Learning Center Program begins at 7:30 a.m. Please park your car and walk your child(ren) in through the main entrance. All families will be greeted as they enter the building and parents will be asked to sign their child in utilizing our ProCare check-in station. We ask that parents escort their child to the cafeteria where they will be served breakfast. If you arrive after 8:00 a.m., morning activities will have begun. We will quietly help your child merge into the morning activity. No child should ever be dropped off and allowed to walk unsupervised into the building.

Dismissal begins at 2:30 p.m. All Pre-K students that do not attend afterschool or does not ride a bus home, will be dismissed by their teacher at the Pre-K exit door.

School Year and Hours

The Early Learning Center follows a combined City of Valdosta and Lowndes County Schools schedule.

The calendar can be found on our website: www.ticklemepinkdaycare.com

  • School hours are from 5:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • The Teaching Team will commence teaching students at 8:00 a.m.
  • Dismissal time is at 2:30 p.m. for all Pre-K and Kindergarten students
  • At 2:30 p.m. children will be taken to the front lobby area under the Administrative office’s supervision and a late fee of $50 will be charged per child. This fee increases $5 for every ten minutes late thereafter.

Behavior Management

TMP Early Learning Center offers a dependable, caring, learning environment for our students. Positive reinforcement and redirection are used to foster good behavior. If issues with a student’s behavior arise, the Teaching Team will handle the situation in a thoughtful and caring manner.

The Progressive Guidance on Behavior Management is adjusted for each age level and personality

  1. Redirection: direct the child’s attention elsewhere and offer an alternative
  2. Ignoring: sometimes it is more powerful and effective to ignore distracting behaviors
  3. Model and Discuss Appropriate Behavior: demonstrate examples of expected conduct
  4. Logical Consequences: offer a consequence to appropriate to the behavior being addressed
  5. Opportunity to Regroup: remove the child from the activity for a brief time (one to five minutes) to help get feelings under control
  6. Individual Management: bring the child to the Site Director. A Team Member will discuss the situation with the Director and the student’s parents

Food is never withheld as a means of disciplining students; however, food will be removed if a child uses it inappropriately. At no time will any form of physical or verbal punishment be exercised.

Child Abuse Reporting

The staff at TMP are required to attend child abuse prevention procedures (CAPP) training. By law, we are required to report any suspected child abuse (including physical injury, neglect, exploitation, or sexual abuse) to the Department of Family and Children Services in accordance with the Official Code of Georgia, Section 19-7-5.

Special Needs Children

If it is determined that a student is having difficulty adjusting to school, is frustrated with the learning environment, or is a disruption to other children, the Site Director and/or the Project Director may be asked to observe the student and may recommend follow-up services. A conference will be scheduled with the parents and the observations will be discussed.

Every attempt will be made to accommodate a child with special needs in our program. However, we may not be equipped to effectively serve every child’s needs. The GA PRE-K Program with advance notice and help from DECAL will provide resources to parents of children who may need additional assistance. At any time if the health, safety, or welfare of a child with special needs or other children are at risk, dismissal from the program may be necessary.

Activity Outlines

Weekly Lesson Plans for all classes are posted on the outside of each classroom. A Weekly newsletter will be sent home every Friday that will highlight your child's educational activities. You can support your child’s learning process by taking the opportunity to talk about the activities you see weekly. When you are interested in what your child is learning, they will be interested in sharing their learning process with you. Whenever possible, let your child teach you.

There is a “Parent Board,” at the front entrance of the building. You will find the newsletter for the week as well as information regarding School Activities for the week.

Progress Reports & Conferences

Progress reports are prepared four times a year for children enrolled in our Learning Center. The First Semester early progress report is discussed with parents during parent/teacher conferences in September.

Phone or face-to-face conferences may be scheduled during the school year. The September conference serves as a chance to get further acquainted as well as discuss the first assessments of the year. Parent/teacher conferences play a vital role in evaluating and developing plans to meet each child’s needs.

Every effort is made to ensure continuity within our program and to ensure a smooth transition to the next school year.

Childcare is not provided during our Parent Conferences.


Registration for the GA PRE-K Program will take place on a first come first served basis. Completed registration forms with proof of residency will be required for enrollment.

All Preschool Students that will be eligible for the GA Pre-K slot next year, will be offered a slot before we announce our openings to the public. A letter will be sent home in January.


Fundraisers may be held to raise funds for the purchase of new equipment, educational materials as well as for our Private Kindergarten Scholarship fund. The success of these fundraisers is largely dependent upon parent volunteers.



The curriculum is based on our vision and mission statements, character education goals, and knowledge of early childhood development. Our Program encourages every child to explore and learn through self-directed, hands-on activities. Small and large group activities, learning centers, outdoor play, and numerous enrichment opportunities facilitate our learning environment. The WINGS Curriculum has been reviewed and endorsed by DECAL, the GA PRE-K Teaching Team, and the centers Project and Site Director. “The Creative Curriculum is the country’s leading scientifically based, research-validated, comprehensive curriculum with guidance on teaching literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies.”

In addition to our academic curriculum, Mother Goose time Curriculum is also utilized as s supplement. It is State aligned with Common Core Standards. We are building great thinking minds and leaders with integrity for our future. Taking into account individual growth and developmental stages, a thoughtful curriculum is employed to enrich learning and stimulate critical thinking skills. Resource books, reference guides, and early childhood magazines are available for staff and parents through the administrative offices.


Manipulatives that students can see and touch play an important role in the developmental process of understanding math concepts. “Author Eva Essa in the book Introduction to Early Childhood Education states, ‘Manipulatives are sensory materials, involving visual and tactile discrimination; they require skill in coordinating the eyes with what the hands do’.” Math manipulatives may include the use of: blocks, cubes, flash cards, Legos, models, puzzles, and more. Counting, sorting, comparing, measuring, patterns and numeric relationships are some of the Math concepts to be covered. The students will also use traditional paper and pencils, ingredient measurements and cooking, a whiteboard, and computer-based math games to enhance the learning process.


TMP believes that “Meaningful Investigations Start With Children’s Questions.” Why do we have shadows? What makes a shadow? Why do we have shadows only sometimes during a day? Teacher-directed lessons and child-initiated questions facilitate the study of the scientific world around us. We’ll use the nature right outside our doors in our garden and outside the classroom as our outdoor laboratory and incorporate our “Center for Critical Thinking”/Logic Lab Time for developing an understanding of Scientific Methodology.  


Most classes are center-based and include: books, blocks, manipulatives, dramatic play, art, music and sensory, creative movement, and incorporate math and science. Other centers may include: water, sand, computer, listening, writing, and language arts. We frequently interchange center activities to keep learning exciting and fresh. Movement between the centers is managed via the use of transitional activities.  


Children love to create personal works of art. Every opportunity is taken to expose students to different artistic methods, giving them the opportunity to experience different textures, patterns, and mediums by which to make art. The end product is not the main objective. Exposing children to different processes by which they can explore their own creativity is the goal. Child experts emphasize that the process is more important than the product. The TMP Teaching Team encourages students to take their time exploring the creative process. Artwork may take several classes before being finished. This also gives students the awareness that projects take time to complete.


Computers offer a valuable educational medium for students. We incorporate computer-based children's educational tools including programs in visual discrimination, problem solving, creativity, language development, reading, science, and math. Our students will explore educational websites and all computers have parental controls to prevent viewing inappropriate content.


The music program offers a basic introduction to music and instruments. Children are exposed to many kinds of cultural, seasonal, educational, and children’s songs. Our hope is to instill in each child a lasting love for music…and where there’s music, there’s usually movement.    

Creative Movement

Creative movement is a program designed to develop large motor skills. Enhanced core strength, balance, and coordination are facilitated through specific planned play, sports, obstacle courses, and movement to music. Creative Movement advances the growth and development of physical skills. We focus on participation and encourage good sportsmanship in a non-competitive atmosphere.

Field Trips/In-House Field Trips

Upon occasion, field trips will be offered to GA PRE-K students. Parent permission is included in the release of liability form, but a field trip permission form must be filled out for each field trip. Parents will be informed well in advance of a field trip. On each field trip, documentation of parent permission must accompany each student, as well as copies of children’s emergency release forms, a first aid kit, and medications (if applicable). Additionally, Teaching Team members carry cell phones. Ample supervision is provided by the Teaching Team and parent chaperones. Children will be transported in The TMP vans and/or Activity school buses.

All vehicles have seat belts and are classified as compartmentalized vehicles. TMP takes every precaution to ensure our students’ safety and well-being when transporting children on field trips.

Some field trips will take place “in house” when we utilize out-reach educational programs.  



Your child should wear their TMP uniforms Monday through Thursday, with Friday being our “Free Day”. Closed-toe shoes are recommended for outdoor play and nature walks. Sandals are not appropriate for outside play. TMP T-shirts must be worn on Field trips and Fridays.

In the winter months, dress your child in layers. Your child will have an assigned cubby in which to keep personal items and will be encouraged to independently put on and take off appropriate layers. All clothing should be labeled with your child's name or initials.

Due to safety concerns and storage issues, children should not bring umbrellas to school. A hooded raincoat is preferred on rainy days.


Obviously, to ensure continuity of learning and exposure to curriculum content, students should attend all scheduled classes, unless they are sick. Please see the TMP’s Health and Wellness policy and note that all student absences are reported to the State, as required by DECAL for GA Pre-K and Kindergarten students.


Hand washing is the single most important way to prevent the spread of infection. Children are encouraged to wash their hands frequently for general hygiene purposes. Hand washing procedures are posted in the bathrooms and by classroom sinks.

Countertops and table surfaces are disinfected daily. Toys are sanitized on a regular daily.

If your child has vomited or had an accident in his clothing, the soiled clothes will be placed in a plastic bag and sent home. Soiled clothes will not be rinsed as this increases the risk of infection.


Tickle Me Pink Daycare & Learning Center is a participant in the CACFP program. There is no charge to students for any meals. We provide nutritious healthy meals and snacks to our students every day.

We ask that you complete the CACFP application in its entirety. If your child suffers from any type of food allegories, please complete the Food Allergies form. The Teacher and School Cook will keep a copy of this form to ensure that proper meals are served.

Because every effort is made to promote good nutrition and healthy lifestyles, sugary snacks are only acceptable for scheduled birthday celebrations.

It is a great learning experience for the students to take an active part in preparing to have snack. After snack has been eaten, all children are encouraged to clean up after themselves.

 **Kindergarten is “Private School.” Therefore, students must pay for or bring their lunch.


We allow parents to provide special treats for birthdays. Cookie cakes, individual cookies, brownies, mini cupcakes, or ice cream cups are all acceptable. We encourage the parent of the birthday child to come during lunch time to have lunch with the celebrant and serve the birthday treats to the class.

Only parents will be invited to join us for lunch, as space for more guests will be an issue. Additional visitors or gift exchanges are not acceptable during school. If parents wish to host a party at home, invitations will be sent home from school only if the entire class is invited.

Show and Tell

Each student will have an opportunity to present a “show and tell” or “family fun homework” item on teacher specified days. This gives our students the opportunities for public speaking in a safe encouraging environment as they get to speak about an item of their choosing. On the specified day, please send your child to school with safe, sturdy, unbreakable items to present to the class. Please, do not send toys/items used as weapons. All items should be easy for your child to bring in a school bag or backpack. Please label items with your child’s name.

Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to participate in various school activities such as planning parties, reading stories, and helping children during center time. Parents are also invited to share their careers and special talents during special classes. Because spontaneous visits are distracting to young children and may be disruptive to the learning environment, parent presentations and volunteer hours are best if scheduled in advance.

However, we have an open door policy, if parents would like to discretely observe classroom activities. If you have ideas to share or want to volunteer, please call the administrative offices at 229-245-9881.  

All GA PRE-K parents are invited (not required) to help with one party during the year. Party guidelines will be provided by the classroom teacher. Parents in charge of parties will be informed of any students with food allergies.

Parents are encouraged to discuss any concerns they may have with their child’s teachers, the GA PRE-K Program Director.

A family survey is conducted at the end of the year to receive feedback from parents.

Animal Policy

Teachers will check each child’s registration form for allergies before permitting any animal in the classroom or allowing children to go outside to visit an animal. Animals brought in the building must be in a carrier. Large animals must be on a leash and remain outside the building. A parent bringing an animal to school should stay with the animal at all times. The visit should be brief, but allow enough time for all children to observe and enjoy the experience.

Plant Policy

All teachers are aware that certain plants are poisonous. A list of poisonous plants is posted at the front entrance. Plants on this list are not allowed in any classrooms.

Field Trip Fees

Students will have a minimum of (5) field trips this year.

Dismissal from the GA PRE-K Program

In cases of on-going extremely disruptive or dangerous behavior, or if it is determined that the GA PRE-K Program is not the right environment for a student, after parental consultation with the GA PRE-K Site Director and or Project Director, a student may be dismissed from the school at the discretion of DECAL.


Building Security

The only entrance for the GA PRE-K is the main entrance to the building. All students and parents will enter through the front door. (These are the only doors on the premises that are unlocked during the school day.) A Team Member/Greeter will be on duty during school hours. A Driver’s License identifying GA PRE-K Program parent(s) may be requested upon entering the building. If any person unknown to the greeter arrives without identification, the greeter will not permit entry to the building.

Other personnel and volunteers must have identification to enter the building during school hours. All doors into the building remain locked from the inside. In the event of an emergency, any door may be used as an exit.

General Safety Policies

Children are released only to adults authorized for pick-up in the child's registration packet. Written authorization is required if a child will be going home with an adult who is not on the authorized list. Photo identification will be requested.

If an emergency arises during the afternoon, call the Administrative Office and the message will be communicated to the Teaching Team. We cannot accept verbal messages concerning schedule changes or alternate pick-up arrangements from a student.

General Health Policies

Each student must have on file a state approved immunization form and a personal health certificate documenting a health exam. Students must have immunization form #3231 for all classes and an ear, eye, nutrition, and dental form (#3300) for GA PRE-K and Kindergarten Program enrollment.

These forms are available through the county health department or your pediatrician's office.

A child should not come to school if sick or if symptoms of an oncoming illness are apparent. This includes fever of 101 degrees or more, sore throat, ear ache, green discharge from nose or continual nasal drainage, bronchial or deep chest cough, undiagnosed rash, red eyes or discharge from eyes, diarrhea, or vomiting within 24 hours prior to school.

If your child becomes sick at the school or shows symptoms of an illness, you will be notified and asked to take your child home.

If there is any question concerning a child's health and participation in school activities, it will be brought to the Director's attention. The Site Director will make the final determination as to whether the student should remain at school. A child's health must allow him to participate fully in all group activities, which may include activities that are strenuous. Information on any child with a health risk, such as allergies or asthma, will be posted in the classroom and discussed with the Teaching Team Members during Team meetings. If necessary, parents should provide sunscreen and insect repellant for field trips or time spent outside.

Behavior such as biting, scratching, or any that inflicts injury will not be tolerated.

Minor Injuries or Illness During the Day

For minor injuries, such as scrapes and bumps, or sudden illness during the day we will:

1. Take the injured child to the Administrative Office. (First Aid kits are available in the reception area.)

2. If necessary, a Teacher certified in First Aid will treat an injured area.

3. If further immediate care is necessary, the Administrative team will notify the child’s parents. If unable to reach the parents, the Administrative team will notify emergency contacts, call the child’s pediatrician, or if necessary for further instructions, contact South Georgia Medical Center.

4. If the situation is deemed an emergency, 911 will be called. (See Emergency Telephone Numbers and Procedures, below.)

If injury is due to an accident, an Accident Report will be completed and provided to the parents/caregivers. A copy will be left with the director and DECAL will be notified within 24 hours or by the next business day.

If a student is not feeling well, we will allow the child to rest under the supervision of the Administrative Team until a parent/caregiver can pick-up the child.

Allergies, Medication, & Air Quality

Parents must advise the Site Director in writing of their child’s allergy or medical conditions. In order for any medication to be dispensed parents must provide a physician’s statement ordering the medication to be dispensed during the time school is in session. The statement must provide detail instructions for administering any medication and possible side effects caused by the medication. Medications will be kept in the office with written parental consent and explicit dosing instructions.

If a child is having a reaction to a medical condition or medication, the student’s doctor and parents will be notified. If a student is having a severe reaction, 911 will be called. In the event 911 is called, DECAL will be notified within 24 hours or by the next business day.

If air quality is not good, planned outside activities or field trips may be cancelled.

Emergency Telephone Numbers & Procedures

Emergency telephone numbers are posted in the area and Director’s Office. If an emergency occurs on site, two-way radios are used to communicate with the front office.

1. Our first priority is to attend to the child and apply any first aid treatment necessary.

2. If the injury is serious, we will:

• Call 911.

• Call the parent.

3. In the case of a missing child, an external search will be conducted by a Team Member and a police report will be filed by the Site Director. The child’s photo and information will be provided to police.

4. If an ambulance is necessary, transportation to South Georgia Medical Center, Valdosta, Georgia will be requested.

5. If the parent has not reached Tickle Me Pink at the time of transport, a Staff Member will accompany the student with the student's emergency authorization form/information to the hospital.

6. In a case of accidental poisoning, we will call poison control for specific instructions.

  7. The teacher will complete an Accident Report to be signed by the student’s parents/caregivers. A copy of the Accident Report will be left with the director.  

In the event of an emergency, TMP will notify DECAL within 24 hours or on the next business day.


Inclement Weather/School Closings

There is a Television located in the front lobby of the building that will be tuned in on a local weather station at all times. If the weather becomes threatening for any reason, you are encouraged to pick-up your child early rather than wait for the close of the school.

Tickle Me Pink will be closed if the local school systems cancel school due to inclement weather.

Evacuation Procedure

A plan has been developed and evacuation routes are posted in each classroom near the doorway. Emergency procedures are in place for severe weather situations. Monthly fire drills and periodic tornado and lockdown drills are conducted throughout the year. In the event of a crisis situation, the two-way radio system will be used.

Bomb Threat

In the event of a bomb threat, a “code” announcement is made on the two-way radio system. Tickle Me Pink staff are trained to calmly evacuate the students from the building using the nearest designated exit. Once outside the building and students are assembled in the regrouping area, attendance is taken to confirm all students are present. The Site Director and Daycare Director help in evacuating TMP.

In the event of a bomb threat, Tickle Me Pink will notify DECAL within 24 hours or on the next business day.

Fire Safety

In the event of a fire, the fire alarm rings signaling the TMP staff to evacuate the students from the building using the nearest designated exit. Once outside the building and students are assembled in the regrouping area, attendance is taken to confirm all students are present. The TMP staff will help in evacuating all students.

In the event of a fire, the TMP Director will notify DECAL within 24 hours or on the next business day.

Tornado Safety

In the event of a tornado, the alert warning is signaled from the office. TMP Staff will direct students to the buildings main hallway. In an engaging and calm manner, students are requested to face the wall, kneel down, and cover their heads with their hands. Attendance is taken to confirm all students are present and the TMP staff will communicate via two-way radios. The Site Director and Daycare Director coordinate evacuating classrooms.

In the event of a tornado, the Site Director will notify DECAL within 24 hours or on the next business day.


In the event of an intruder or threatening situation, a “code” announcement is made on the two-way radio system. TMP staff members are trained to provide a calm, reassuring atmosphere in the classroom. The students are kept in their groups under close supervision until further announcements are made. A TMP staff member or the Director will call 911 for assistance, if necessary.

The students will resume normal activity once the “all clear” has been given.

In the event of a lockdown, the Director will notify DECAL within 24 hours or on the next business day.

Loss of Electrical Power or Water  

If loss of electrical power or water occurs during school hours, the program will continue and be kept as normal as possible. Should the electrical or water supply be interrupted for more than one day, the GA PRE-K School will be closed until the utility has been restored.

In the event of the loss of electrical power or water, the GA PRE-K Program will notify DECAL within 24 hours or on the next business day.


Parent Orientation


To be signed by Parent/Guardian and returned to:

  The Tickle Me Pink Early Learning Center Administrative Team

By signing this form, I acknowledge that I have received a copy of the

Tickle Me Pink Daycare & Early Learning Center Parent Handbook and attended Parent Orientation. I understand that if I have any questions concerning the program I can contact the Administrative Team or Site Director during regular working hours via phone or email.

____ I authorize TMP to photograph my child(ren) for the purpose of documentation/reporting required by the State of Georgia and DECAL.

____ I authorize TMP to photograph my child(ren) and to use my child’s image for educational purposes or for use on the Center web site.



Email: Pam.Carter@ticklemepinkdaycare.com

Email: Courtney.Moore@ticklemepinkdaycare.com

Upon request, I will be provided with a copy of this document.



Student’s Name ___________________________

Parent/Guardian Printed Name _________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature ______________________________________________

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